Maestral Team





Maestral Founders

Philip Goldman founded Maestral in 2008 with partners Cassie Landers, David Tobis, and Rosemary McCreery. Maestral’s founding project was to develop a Global Toolkit to Map and Assess Child Protection Systems. President Philip Goldman and Partner Cassie Landers remain with the Maestral team.

Philip Goldman

Founder and President

Cassie Landers

Founding Partner

Maestral Leadership

Maestral is governed by a Management Group made up of five Senior Associates. The Management Group supports Maestral’s President in setting and overseeing the organization’s policies, organizational development, strategic priorities, and human resources. The Management Group also engages at the project level to support teams and ensure effective quality assurance mechanisms are in place.

Atieno Odenyo

Senior Associate

Francesca Stuer

Senior Associate

Janet du Preez

Human Resources and Development Advisor

Kelley McCreery Bunkers

Senior Associate

Mari Hickmann

Senior Associate

Maestral Advisors

Maestral’s advisors possess a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds drawn from every region of the world. They are trusted advisors to governments, development agencies, donors, community leaders and nongovernmental organizations. Each member of Maestral’s team is driven by our organizational mission to secure a better life for children—bringing experience, passion and integrity to the work of our clients with a laser focus on results.

Anna Jolly

Senior Associate

Beth Bradford

Senior Associate

Cristian Maneiro


Doreen Alaro

Senior Associate

Innocent Yekeye

Senior Associate

Joanna Wakia

Senior Associate & Senior MEAL Advisor for Changing the Way We Care

Jushi Gitau


Leonora Borg

Senior Associate

Matthew Dalling

Senior Associate

Mihai Magheru

In memory

Peta-Gaye Bookall

Senior Associate

Quincy Maonde

Senior Associate

Shar Kurtishi

Senior Associate

Siân Long

Senior Associate

Sully Santos de Uclés

Senior Associate

Viktoria Perschler

Senior Associate

Maestral Affiliates

Maestral has a network of Affiliate consultants who we collaborate with on project work and through an informal learning network. Our Affiliate consultants are senior experts in a variety of fields who work to ensure that children and families are free from violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Dr. Lina Digolo


Dr. Nadia Badran


Enrique Maldonado


Maestral Headquarters

Maestral is supported by a staff headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, who support the organizational operations, program support, business development, and administrative tasks.

Joanna Ison

Senior Manager, Strategy and Programs

Marsha Wilder

Executive Assistant

Matt Bakan-Fischer

Senior Program Specialist

Nicole Williams

Operations Officer