Changing The Way We Care

Changing The Way We Care (CTWWC) is an initiative designed to promote safe, nurturing family care for children: those reunifying from institutions or those risk of child-family separation. This includes strengthening families and reforming national systems of care for children, including family reunification and reintegration and development of alternative family-based care. CTWWC is a consortium of Catholic Relief Services and Maestral International, key partners like Lumos, Better Care Network, Faith to Action and others, joined, through a Global Development Alliance, by three donors (MacArthur Foundation, USAID and GHR Foundation). CTWWC is operating in the context of growing interest in care reform, and as a result of a growing global understanding that institutional care of children is a significant problem that will be best addressed through collaboration between national, regional and global stakeholders to develop alternative care and family strengthening systems supportive of family care. CTWWC envisions a world where all children thrive in safe and nurturing families; demonstrates how to enable children to stay in or return to families who are able to provide for their care with support of governments that promote family care; and influences national, regional and global bodies, donors and faith-based actors towards a shifting of commitment, practices and resources to family care.

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Child Protection Partnership

The Child Protection Partnership (CPP) is a consortium comprising of 12 organizations and dozens of independent experts, led by Maestral International, brought together to respond to UNICEF’s Global Long-Term Arrangement for Services for high quality technical expertise in the area of Child Protection. Together, the CPP has a broad technical and regional diversity. Our collective view is that children deserve the best.

CPP organizational members include:


Our Partners

Maestral has collaborated closely with an array of organizations, including ASD Group, Better Care Network, Boston College School of Social Work, The Columbia Group for Children in Adversity, Cornerstone Economic Research, Catholic Relief Services, Family for Every Child, Global Alliance for Children, IATT, IntraHealth International, Inc., MANNET, REPSSI, Save the Children, UNICEF, US-Aid and World Bank Group.