Today’s Children. Tomorrow’s Hope.

Maestral International’s mission is to provide cutting-edge, relevant and effective technical expertise that helps communities and nations to protect children from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect, while ensuring that all of their children are cared for in safe and appropriate family or alternative care settings. We envision a world where every child is able to reach his or her full potential. Working with a wide range of partners, we join forces to promote the achievement of all children’s best interests.

We Identify

Identifying national level opportunities to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families by promoting and facilitating policy dialogue and change.

We Map

Mapping and assessing national, regional and local child protection systems, and identifying actions and programs required to improve child welfare and protection.

We Evaluate

Advancing understanding of what works through effective monitoring and evaluation, dissemination of lessons learned, and research and evidence-building.

We Facilitate

Facilitating networks of organizations, policymakers, public and private agencies, and regional and global organizations to join forces to support a common vision for change.

Maestral is committed to racial justice

Maestral International stands united with organizations, communities and individuals around the world that are actively standing against racism. International development institutions are not immune to racism and should be at the forefront in redressing the legacy of colonialism and promoting social justice around the globe. In our work, and with our partners, we will continue to endeavor to raise awareness, work on our own understanding, and get better at listening, acting, and speaking up.

The horrendous murder of George Floyd has catalyzed a movement within the United States and around the globe, but the roots that led to that murder and so many other similar incidences, have been building for centuries. Countless people of color have experienced profound harm, and an untold number of lives have been taken.

Racism is a key driver of violence, abuse, and exploitation of children, as well as affecting their mental health and wellbeing, and must be seriously addressed if children are to be truly protected and access their human rights. Maestral is committed to that agenda and is prepared to work actively alongside those committed to racial justice, both at the global level and in the countries in which we engage.

The Connection of Access to Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Child Protection

The issuance of the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe vs. Wade has led the World Health Organization, UNFPA, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and UN Women to issue statements on the impact of the decision on the rights, welfare and protection of girls, women and other people who can become pregnant. As an organization dedicated to protecting children from violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect, Maestral International shares the sentiments in these statements and furthermore, has profound concerns about the impact this ruling will have on children and families, especially the most vulnerable around the world.

We believe there is a connection between the right to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services and child protection – one that has not been adequately discussed by organizations and individuals working towards our vision of a safe and nurturing world where all children are able to reach their potential. We recognize that many individuals and organizations share different views about this ruling including some with whom we work. However, we remain steadfast in our belief in the critical importance of finding common ground and mutual respect to facilitate effective dialogue across our differences that ultimately enable the best outcomes for as many children as possible.

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October 31, 2023

A celebration of the journey to family care: Catholic women religious gather in Guatemala and share their journey of transformation

By Sully Santos and Kelley Bunkers     August 7th-9th, 2023, Changing the Way We Care in Guatemala organized a regional event that brought together leaders and representatives of Catholic congregations from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Peru, in Antigua, Guatemala. The three-day event was attended by 29 Catholic sisters belonging to nine different congregations […]

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May 23, 2023

Consultancy Opportunity

Maestral International is seeking an Early Intervention Expert to conduct a Legal review of draft legislation in Ukraine. This role will support Maestral’s work on the Better Care initiative which aims to strengthen the child protection system so that all Ukrainian children have safe and nurturing family care. This is a remote position. Please see […]

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April 13, 2023

Consultancy Opportunity

Maestral International is seeking a Ukrainian Costing and Public Finance Expert to support Maestral’s work in the Better Care initiative which aims to strengthen the child protection system so that all Ukrainian children have safe and nurturing family care. Applicants must be based in Ukraine for this assignment. Please see the job posting for more […]

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“A hundred children, a hundred individuals who are people—not people-to-be, not people of tomorrow, but people now, right now—today.”

—Janusz Korczak