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August 17, 2016

Psychosocial Support Forum 2015 Report

Love, Care and Protection: From Infancy to Adolesence

Once every two years, REPSSI hosts a Psychosocial Support forum to promote awareness of the importance of psychosocial support (PSS) and share knowledge on approaches to providing it. The third forum hosted by REPSSI and partners, whose theme was Love, Care and Protection from Infancy to Adolescence was a high level partnership building platform that brought together 384 participants from regional economic blocks, national governments, academia, international cooperating partners (ICPs), media civil society and community implementing partners. As participation is fundamental to psychosocial support, a key event leading to the 2015 PSS Forum was the children and youth pre-forum, attended by 40 children and youth from all the countries where REPSSI works, which ensured that the voices of children and youth were heard.

A child’s development path is characterised by rapid cognitive, social, emotional and physical changes. Children develop from being completely dependent on their parents or other caregivers to becoming independent and productive members of society. Child development is a dynamic process which is constantly influenced by life events and nurturing patterns. A child’s caregivers are influenced by their socio-economic environment, the socio-political and religious systems which prescribe values and beliefs for childrearing. Read more in the forum report.

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