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September 7, 2016

Introducing the Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration

Family for Every Child has just launched the Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration which are intended to help governments, donors, NGOs, faith-based organisations and practitioners to pursue reintegration as the primary response in cases of separated children.

The Guidelines provide practical guidance for effective reintegration that can help organisations to design high quality programmes; measure impact; train practitioners; and pursue national level systemic change in support of reintegration.

Family for Every Child has been working since 2011 with a group of child protection agencies* to create the Guidelines. Together, they conducted extensive literature review, consulted with 158 children, 127 service providers and policy-makers from 66 organisations across over 20 countries and field tested the Guidelines in two countries.

The Guidelines are now available in English and they will be available in French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian as of October 2016.

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