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About Maestral International
Maestral International is a team of globally recognized experts supporting the development, strengthening, and coordination of child protection systems to ensure children are free from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. Our mission is to ensure that all children, especially those most excluded and marginalized, are prioritized, and cared for in safe and nurturing families, communities, and environments. Maestral’s approach stresses the importance of a protective environment for strengthening human capital development, e.g., improved health and education outcomes, as a critical component of poverty reduction and economic growth strategies.

Maestral applies a holistic framework and seeks to strengthen linkages across sectors (health and HIV, nutrition, education, social welfare, and social protection) in early recovery and development settings. The company has worked in over 80 countries for a wide range of multi-lateral, bilateral, private and NGO clients. All services aim to strengthen national and sub-national capacity, structures, and mechanisms, and support longer-term sustainable results for children in the context of family-based care.
Maestral’s Headquarter Offices are in Minneapolis, U.S.A. with associates based around the world.


About Being a Maestral Associate
Maestral International is a team of independent consultants who are associated with the organization. They benefit from the shared organizational knowledge, learning opportunities, resources, administrative and management support, project opportunities, and the Maestral network. Maestral Associates maintain their independence but are asked to commit to doing 80% of their consulting work through Maestral. All Maestral Associates work remotely from their country of residence. No relocation is required.

The selected candidate for this position will first become an Affiliated Consultant. During this time, the Affiliated Consultant will pursue project opportunities through Maestral and begin working on awarded projects. The Affiliated Consultant will be evaluated on their performance. With satisfactory performance, the Consultant will be invited onto Maestral’s team as an Associate or Senior Associate—depending on years of experience and ability to serve as team lead on projects.


Areas of expertise
Maestral is currently seeking an expert in each of the following technical areas:


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Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
Maestral International aims to be a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization. Of particular interest is ensuring that Maestral’s team is representative of the regions, countries, and cultures in which our work is focused. We hope to not only create greater equity within the field of global development, but also to improve development outcomes by ensuring our work embodies diverse, global perspectives. Candidates from the following regions are especially encouraged to apply: Eastern and Southern Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, West and Central Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean.


How to Apply
Apply through the link below no later than 21 October 2021.

Maestral will review applications and proceed with interviews of shortlisted candidates after the application window closes.


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Please contact with any questions about these positions or Maestral International.